Suffering From Sciatica?

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Sciatica is a very common condition in the Pittsburgh and Fox Chapel areas. While there are large numbers of people that have this issue, many never achieve a long-term solution. Their sciatic pain continues to worsen because they have not received the correct treatment. This is partially due to misdiagnosis and partially due to poor management of the condition. This article from Tauberg Chiropractic & Rehabilitation will help you to understand the ins and outs of sciatica and how chiropractic care can help you overcome it.

While many believe that sciatica is any pain that radiates down ones leg, which simply is not the case. Sciatica is a more specific diagnosis then that. Sciatica is actually when there is either irritation of or compression on the sciatic nerve. This can happen for a couple different reasons but the most likely one is radiculopathy caused by either disc herniation or stenosis. Usually before one experiences sciatica they will experience low back pain. The low back pain will get worse and then they will experience the pain down their leg. One might describe their pain as sharp and stabbing. The pain may be accompanied by numbness or tingling. Sciatic pain can show up in different areas of the leg and foot, however the most common occurrence is straight down the back of the leg all the way into the foot. Over time people tend to go through periods of pain that typically intensify as the problem goes unchecked.


While sciatica can technically be caused by a number of different issues, it is almost always due to either disc herniation or stenosis. Disc herniation and stenosis are two common conditions of the spine that both result in radiculopathy. Radiculopathy is pain that comes from a nerve root. Radiculopathy often presents as pain down ones leg, however it should be noted that there are other conditions besides radiculopathy which can cause pain down ones leg. These other conditions are often mistakenly diagnosed as sciatica.

Disc Herniation

Disc herniation is the process in which the nuclear material of the disc herniates through the outer ring of the disc called the annulus. To understand this it helps to understand the anatomy of a disc. A disc is a cartilaginous buffer between two vertebrae. The disc is made up of two separate but connecting cartilaginous parts. There is the inner part of the disc which forms a circular structure called the nucleus pulposus, and then the outer part which surrounds the nucleus similar to how a moat surrounds a castle called the annulus fibrosus. Small tears develop overtime in the annulus and overtime these tears can get so bad that the nucleus actually starts to protrude through the annulus. This results in the protrusion either causing an inflammatory response in the area of the nerve root or the protrusion putting direct pressure on the nerve root.

When one suffers a disc herniation that causes sciatica the protrusion presses on the nerve root of the sciatic nerve. This in turn causes the localized back pain and the radiating pain down the leg.


Spinal stenosis is the process in which there is narrowing of either the vertebral canal that the spinal cord passes through or the lateral recesses that the nerve roots pass through. Stenosis can occur for many different reasons, but is most commonly just due to the degenerative effects of aging. Stenosis, similar to a disc herniation, can cause inflammation which irritates the nerve or due to direct pressure on the nerve.

When one has stenosis that causes irritation or compression to the sciatic nerve this can cause a patient to suffer from pain in the low back and down the leg.

Sciatica in Fox Chapel, Oakmont, and the Greater Pittsburgh Area

The pelvic and lumbar spine are two common areas that a sciatic issue will start from. This area of the spine is very complicated and it can be difficult to locate the problem. Our team will be able to work with you to zero in on the source. By using different tests we are able to determine whether your pain is truly is radiculopathy. In the case that your pain does come from radiculopathy we are able to effectively design a treatment for your pain. From there, we will work with you and show you exercises to help decrease your pain and increase your function.

Some patients say that all they did was bend over to pick up a piece of paper and they were hit with extreme pain. They don't understand how an easy task caused them so much pain. The reality is that their condition was probably developing over years of time, that piece of paper just happened to be the last straw. Most spinal problems don't happen overnight, they build up over years of time.

How Long Does it Take to Correct Sciatica?

Treatment length for sciatic pain can vary significantly from patient to patient. Some people respond very quickly while others take more time to recover. It really depends on the condition of the disc or the joints. In most cases, the longer the issue persists, the longer it will take to heal. The great news is that it typically takes less time to fix an issue like this than it took to create it.

In the US, the amount of people that end up with back surgery is staggering, and the success rate is disappointing. It is our goal to use the most conservative treatments first. We work with the patient so that they may hopefully avoid surgery.

If you are serious about turning this problem around, call our team at Tauberg Chiropractic & Rehabilitation treating patients from the Pittsburgh and Fox Chapel areas today. We are here to answer any questions you have and we look forward to meeting you soon.

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